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Référence ACR880-GPRS-SDK


The latest addition to the PIN-pad reader product line, ACR880 is a secure and portable smart card terminal that secures and streamlines various transactions using smart card technology. This innovative device is capable of facilitating secure mutual authentication between a card and a reader, detailed multi-layered information from the cards based on embedded access rights, and transactions through both private and public network infrastructures. It can offer solutions to different applications including e-healthcare, e-government and e-administration.

ACR880 may function with or without its cradle, thus giving users the option to use it either as a powerful desktop device with other peripherals like magnetic stripe readers and thermal printers, or as a standalone and handheld reader that may be used in field works. It has Secure PIN Entry (SPE) to protect every PIN code entered into the device from security attacks while it is on desktop mode. It also has GPRS connectivity to allow data transmission even with the reader on standalone mode.

Meanwhile, the ACR880 Secure Smart Card Terminal Software Development Kit (ACR880 SDK) provides an effective way for developing customized applications and systems. It serves as an ideal training and development tool for those who are interested in exploring smart card technologies. The SDK comes with sample codes written in C programming language. These sample codes showcase the different capabilities of ACR880, as well as provide instructions on how to control ACR880 peripherals and communicate with ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 cards.

Spécicificité et contenu du package

Lecteur Smart Card Reader(s)

  • 1 xACR880 GPRS Portable Smart Card Terminal
    (with a VDE plug power adaptor by default)

Cartes de test Card(s)/ Token(s)

  • 5 x ACOS3 Microprocessor-based Cards
  • 5 x ACOS6-SAM Secure Access Module Smart Cards
  • 5 x MiFare 1K Cards
  • 5 x SL5542 Memory Cards
  • 5 x SLE5528 Memory Cards
  • 2 x Initialized SLE5542 for eHealth Demo


Outils et utilitaires

  • ACR880 Standalone Demo - a pre-loaded demo application consists of many programs, demonstrating the multi-slots, contactless, LCD, keypad, buzzer and other features of the ACR880 terminal.
  • eH880/ACR880 Smart Card Terminal Tool - an application utility tool preloaded in the ACR880, which enables users to:
  1. Identify the device's status and information;
  2. Perform tests on the device and its peripherals; and
  3. Modify the device's configuration
  • ACR880 Taxation Demo - this application demo allows the user to initialize an Officer Card and a Taxpayer Card, which can be used for Tax Payments.

Sample Codes

  • Show the different capabilities of ACR880; show how to control the ACR880 Peripherals; and show how to enable communication between the device and the contact cards.
  • ANSI C Language

Reference Manuals

  • ACR880 Technical Specifications – This manual contains the technical information of the ACR880 terminal, which includes the device's features, supported smart card ENGINEs, applications and technical specifications.
  • SDE Setup Manual - This manual provides instructions on how to setup a software development environment to develop application programs for the ACR880 system.
  • Reference Manual - This document contains specifications of ACR880 terminal which includes the API command, configuration of the interface-related settings of the device and instructions on how to manually update the firmware of ACR880.
  • SDK User Manual - This manual contains specifications on how to install and use ACR880 Reader SDK.
  • Taxation Demo Manual - This manual provides instructions on the ACR880 Taxation Demo Set-up and how to install the demo program.


  • 1 x Cradle
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x RS232 Serial Cable
  • 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet Cable

SDK Operating System Support

  • Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7
  • Win XP x64, Win Vista x64, Win 7 x64
  • Linux